As we, Americans sit and hide at home, with our faces covered, afraid to venture outside. As we watch our businesses and lives shattered. Perhaps it's time to take a stand and finally take back control of our future. I suppose there is a chance that this virus was an accident, but what are the odds that all these diseases originate from the same source? I would say pretty slim. As our politians continue to falter it appears it is up to us, the American people, to correct the situation. How? Stop buying the products from the "Folks" that are trying to harm us! It's far past the point to bring the products we use back to Made in America. And how do we do this when most of the products cannot even be purchased without the made in China label. I personally own a auto parts store that is a major brand and I don't believe there's any domesticaly made products in the store. This has to change. The quality is poor, the reliabilty is terrible and the prices continue to rise. Remember when a washing machine lasted 20 years? Where then are the benefits? We in our company are currently searching for domestic made products. I've had enough. The change must begin. Leaving all politics out of this and just looking at bare facts, our world has changed! We cannot have graduations, weddings, funerals, hell we can't even go out to dinner. While the crazys have been trying for years to kill Religion,POOF, the Chinese have done it for them. and let's face it, as soon as we develope a vacine, they'll alter the bug and we'll be back to square one. This is not acceptable. Our children deserve the same oppurtunities that we had. This is not the case. They can't even attend school. We are not dealing with folks that care about our future. Who is worse, the Dictator running China trying to take control of the world or the Corporations selling their souls for a few bucks? "WE", must start NOW. ALL of us. What has been thrown at us is an attack, plain and simple. The internal bickering is not going to solve this problem. It's a shame that money has to be the cure when in reality it's the cause. But that's the only solution we have. And it is a simple one. Look for the Flag! Before they destroy it as well! Will this be easy? Maybe not, how do you manufacture products here when the lawsuits start before you even sell it? What happens when you slam on the brakes in an ambulance? A lawyer breaks his nose! That's still funny! Come on, this is on us. The REAL American's. The ones that work, the ones that pay taxes and the ones that Must defend the Country once again!